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Born and raised in Saudi, Tala’s obsession with food and  dinner parties started at a very young age. Her love affair with food and l’art de vivre only grew when she moved to Paris to continue her education at The American University of Paris, where she received her BA in Art History & Visual Culture.

After moving  back to Riyadh, while looking for a job she fully embraced the typical Saudi housewife lifestyle and named herself Rabat Manzil.  It was quite amusing  because she didn’t fit  the image that’s associated with a “housewife”.  A few months into her Rabat  Manzil lifestyle  she got a job in the fashion industry, and  then in marketing for luxury brands. While working she was still drawn to the idea of what Rabat Manzil  could be. Taking inspiration from her surroundings and  the iconic image of a 1950’s housewife  she began by drawing  a logo and created an  instagram page.  She started posting things from her daily activities like table settings, recipes, and flower arrangements. As her dinner party extravaganzas grew in popularity Tala then created a blog where she could post more content.  Soon after she quit her day job, to focus all of  her attention on Rabat Manzil and established it as a company.

Her dinner parties created a  buzz in the community and  it became the it-­place to be invited. Since her extravaganzas were always personal and intimate affairs she participated in various pop-­up events so that people could get a taste of what she was making.

In 2014 and 2015 she participated in two large charity events  called “The  Change” put on by The Empowerment  Hub, which  was  a  women  only event to raise awareness about health and fitness. She also wrote, illustrated, and designed  a mini  book called  “The Ultimate Book  of Healthy Recipes”,  which  was launched at the event and it was a success. Tala has also done editorials and collaborations with magazines including Khaleejesque and Thooq, which were launched in June 2015. Even before the launch of her business she received the Arab Women Award for Young Talent 2015.

The idea behind the website was to bring the Rabat Manzil world to life! She wanted to create a platform to share her ideas on a broader scale and introduce a new concept. What makes the website unique is that there are new themes which have new items, recipes, and inspirational posts that compliment the theme. Tala and her sister Summer have been working collaboratively to bring to you this creative shopping experience.